Agogno la gogna foto Barbara Chiarini.agogno la gogna il filmagogno la gogna il film

Longing to pillory with Alfonso Benadduce, Francesca Cutolo, Simona Generali, Chiara Condrò, Katiuscia Magliarisi, Francesco Polizzi, Lorenzo Sprecacenere, Andrea Cappadona, Marco Fumarola, Lorenzo Giansante, Mauro Milanese, Alessandro Ortona, Raffaele Piccinni, sound Roberta Arcangeli, edit Maria Valerio, photography Barbara Chiarini, director Alfonso Benadduce

Produced by ABTeatro and IMAIE (durata 37 ‘)

Finalista al premio Riccione TTV – Concorso Italia 2008

Prima Nazionale: Roma Film Festival XIII edizione – sezione ‘Oltrecinema’ 2008

A bewitched procession takes the artist to his gallows, in a wretch journey along the lonesome and slately paths of the wood. He invokes his death and a mocking music plays on. All of a sudden, all the universe around pours misterious figures. A shape appears up on a hill shaking his head; another one, as a mirage, staggers under the sun while backing up flowers and blood. The procession moves forward through ruins, fields and abandoned places, while the artist throws himslef to the sky. Prodigiously, a heard of donkies takes the place of the crowd. Tied up with a rope, the artist shakes, drags and mocks those who come across. Luminosa, his mate, decides to give him the deathblow but she fails. Once he got  to the pillory, the artist dances his glad end, and the astonished nature lifts the leaves at his command. The real becomes a useless ornament.